Friendship in our life

2 comments Sunday, September 13, 2009

Friendship is one part of our life which is means lots for us. Friends are always there when we are in bad or good mood, friends are always there when we need for some helps, friends are always there when we need more advises to solve our problems, friends are always there when we want to spending the beautiful moment together, and there are still another reasons why we have a relation in friendship. We never live without having a relation in friendship, so that is why we have many friends in our life. Life is so great if we have a good relation with people, and also some of them are best friend. Can you imagine how if we live without having some friends? That’s bad, I think.
Sometimes we often think that time is more precious when we have spending the great moment with our best friend once in a life time, then we have to keep it in our memory because we never know when we can’t have the best moment with our friend anymore.
Friendship is like a miracle, it is never established without understood relation. We live by having good relation with people, and we have to keep it in our life. If we are in trouble then we can call our friend for need some helps. On the other way, we can help our friends for giving some helps when they need us to handle the problems. That is why friends are need in our life.
So, how friendship is like in your daily life?
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First time in blogger world

0 comments Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Just want to share, this complexion magazine blog I have bought from my best friend. He also taught me more about blogging, and I learned from his blog at He taught me that I could post everything on blog, so I become more interested to be like him. This is my first time, and yeah…there is must be an extra effort to build this blog become famous. I still need more advise from other blogger, how to be an expert on build this blog. So, hi you are blogger mania, leave some comments here, then I can learn more from you..thx so much..
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