Time to Laugh :)

3 comments Friday, July 30, 2010

A man finds a woman sobbing in the street because she's locked her keys in her car.
"Don't worry," he says. removes his trousers, rolls them into a tight ball and rubs them against the car door.
Magically, it opens.
"How did you do that?" asks the grateful woman.
"they're my khakis,"the man says.
-Terry Sangster-

Just before a boy enters a barber's shop, the barber says to his customer," This is the dumbest kid in the world. Watch"
The barber puts a dollar in one open palm and two 20c pieces in the other and asks the kid,"The boy takes the two larger coins and leaves. "See?" says the barber, laughing.
Later, the customer passes the boy, who is standing outside a lolly shop. "Why did you take the two 20c pieces and not the dollar?" he asks
"Because," says the boy, "the day i take the dollar, the game's over."
-Connie Behensky-

Thank you for calling the Weight Loss Hotline. If you'd like to lose a half pound right now, press "1" 18,000 times.
-Comic Randy Glasbergen-
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easy backpacking

1 comments Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Are you a backpacker? If yes, you must be enjoy backpacking through your traveling time. Because it is an art which requires passion and commitment to finish your trip around the world until you go back to your home. It is very important if you have booked Cheap Hostels in advance. You do not have to be worried because Hostel Booking now can be easily done online from everywhere you are. Of course you will be helpful to make the most of your time to have some exotic spots you want to explore. Here I recommend you to the best site online which will help you to go backpacking. You can start to go adventure and enjoy some experiences by checking out Hostel Reviews in advance to make your trip more enjoyable. Now come and visit on http://www.hostelio.com.
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The great place to cook

3 comments Saturday, July 24, 2010
Find this great information for you who want to be a professional chef. Now come and visit on SeasonedCourse.com, it is a cookery school which suitable for professional chefs who want to improve their products further. In cookery school you can find information on cooking class that will make your cooking skills so rapidly increasing. It is a place you can cook with friends in a pleasant situation and guided by professionals.
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Cholesterol can be as a trigger for menopause

5 comments Friday, July 23, 2010

Find this information for you to remind everything you eat should be healthy for your body. There is new evidence shows menopause is not only the natural aging process. It can be seen in women in midlife to see the sharp rise in cholesterol. Professor Karen Matthews an epidemiologist from the University of Pittsburgh said that that when women approach menopause, there is many shows a striking increase in cholesterol levels, which you have to know it can turn increase risk for later heart disease.

If we want to know more, some women studies show that cholesterol levels jumped around the time of menopause. LDL or bad cholesterol, rose by almost 10% in the two years surrounding the final menstrual period.

So you have to take care if you are still in midlife as a women, you have to make sure everything you eat are healthy and make sure that you are always on healthy weight, always do some exercise, and also free from smoking.

Take care of your body health..
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Get free article directory with Evoire

2 comments Saturday, July 10, 2010
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what is CML?

0 comments Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hey people, want to know more about cancer ? This is very interesting to get know about one disease which a malignant disease. It is called CML or Chronic Myelogenous Leukimia. it is a slow growing bone marrow cancer which result in too many white blood cells inside someone's body. You have to know that the disease is sometimes called as chronic myeloid, chronic granulocytic or chronic myelocytic leukimia. This is very common in leukimia, yeah overall it is a relatively uncommen type of cancer. As you know that many type cancer you have heard such as breast cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, etc. The epidemiology showed in United States that more than 20,000 people have CML and about 4,600 new cases are diagnosed each year. In detailed data showed that most cases of CML appear in adults, while 2-4 % in children.

Perhaps you are getting a little of confused here what the exactly CML happened? CML is a disease which caused by a change in the genetic code of some of the cells in the bone marrow. In these cells, you will know that part of chromosome 9 switches place with a part of chromosome 22, its process which called as chromosome translocation. This resulting an abnormal chromosome called Philadelphia chromosome. Moreover rearranged of Philadelphia chromosome gives signal the marrow to overproduce white blood cells.

That is few part about CML that you have to know. More you will read how about its treatment therapy only on this same web.
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want to stay far away from free radical?

0 comments Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hi everyone, perhaps you are living in some places which are contains many free radical surround you. You must think about how to get always stay in healthy lifestyle, right? As you know that free radicals can make your immune system comes down and result in many serious diseases. You always want to keep yourself and your family stay far away from all kind of viruses and free radical, aren’t you? Well, here I am to share with you by using products from Oxis company. Yes, you will be helpful when you are using some healthy product from Oxis. What kind of products that you will need for? Here I want to explain to you.

As you need to prevent your body from free radical, there are some products which are known as the best protection as well as prevention to the harmful effects of oxidative stress. Oxis is offering you for healthy antioxidant products to make you always in healthy lifestyle. Because of these are great products, now you can totally be protected by Oxis products. Your body cells will not be damaged by some free radical anymore. That is because it can be reduced with antioxidant agents such as glutathione.

This is very interesting to know, in Oxis.com you will understand that antioxidant sometimes have a meaning of vitamin, mineral enzyme for anti aging, antioxidant, glutathione, penny stocks and free radical which all of these are 100% available just on Oxis products. You can also get this detailed information when you join in Oxis on Twitter or Oxis on Facebook. Enjoy by read more on Oxis web.

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