Blogger Template: Higherground Template

Styleshout provide a free templates for web designer to make them can use for your website or blog and i have  succesfully bloggerized one from thousand collection of free template, styleshout called this template a higher ground template which look like wordpress themes style ( i think.. :d). don't woory i have check this template layout in any browser like firefox, IE, opera, flock, and google chrome. Overall this template suitable for your personal blog.
 Features :
  1. Automatic read more
  2. Images Resize in home page
  3. 3 column in footer section
  4. Search bar
  5. Navigation bar

If you having trouble with this template just send me an email to

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Ega said...

There are so many beautiful templates, sometimes I'm confused, that's why I often change it. Someday I'll use yours. Thanks, love always...

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