Meteor Showers

Guyz, find this great information for you. Natural phenomenon occurs which is namely Meteor Showers in April 2010 this month. One of the events that need to be perpetuated because we are rarely able to see this phenomenon. Starting on April 16 to April 26 midnight meteor shower will occur and we can see in all regions in Indonesia. This meteor shower will peak occurred on 21-22 April. At that time, an estimated 10-20 meteors that appear every hour.

According to Thomas, who was named Meteor Lyrids that are included in the medium category, so that only a small meteor that moved, or just like a falling star. The difference with last year's meteor also occurred in November 2009. It is Leonid meteor. The best observation place in Asia, but analysts in North America can also enjoy the spectacular Leonid meteor shower, weather permitting.

Lyrids meteor itself is derived from the remnants of comet dust Thatcher, known as code 1860 I, which means that the comet was first discovered in 1861. Named Lyrids which means the point of the publication or broadcasting of the constellation Lyra. The city is located between the horizon to the northeast sky. With the weather conditions which began into spring season, marked by the fall rains are rare, most likely a meteor shower that can be viewed without a cloud blocked after 1 A.M till dawn by dawn.

Meteor showers from comets appear near Earth every 415 years is considered normal. Meteor showers come from melting ice sheets when the comet near the orbit of the sun. Particles of dust, ice and rock that escaped, burning in the atmosphere before falling to earth. This year there are 11 major meteor showers including Lyrids. Each year, the earth watered approximately 25 thousand tons of space dust.

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