Battled Studies from John Mayer

John Mayer in the fourth album feels more romantic and lighter than on his three previous albums. Heartbreak Warfare melancholy comes in the opening song. Subsequently, All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye with themed break. In the third song, Mayer take Taylor Swift Half Of My Heart to sing together. Meanwhile, the hit single Who Says come with pop songs wrapped with a touch of jazz acoustic guitar.

Through Perfect Lonely, Mayer played guitar which showed with remarkable technical expertise. All songs on this album is the result of Mayer's creations, except for Cross-road vehicles owned by Robert Johnson is sung again with a little touch of rock and groove. Friends, Lovers or Nothing, become the end songs of this album. The album is should become one of your collection.


Adit's Blog said...

if this is my idol sob

Rox said...

Sounds like a promising album for sure. Will watch out for this. Thanks :)

Drop by my blog when u can. I am trying to make more blogger friends :)

akhatam said...

Yeahh very Great!!!! I like it tooo

Bunglon Blog said...

waw...nice perform
i like all song JM
good job my friend

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