Physical activity, have u done this before..???

Have an active exercise is represent one of many ways of losing body weight, beside on a diet is potentially to reduce some fatty foods and sugar. But, people who are in overweight status, they feel that they are not confident with their body weight to follow an exercise and unfortunately, if this behavior does not change, then they will stay on the same body weight or even get more increase in their body weight. There is another way such as diet, but unhealthy diet can be dangerous to health, because it reduces some nutrition intakes. That is why dietitians or doctors are needed for giving some guidelines.

There are many data showed that more exercise cause change of biochemistry in brain and have an effect on ability to think. Blood supplies some vitamins which are required for brain and bring out the unused product. An exercise can improves various capillary function of brain and improves the blood stream, which means that brain get more vitamins that is required. An exercise also protects emotion aspect and gives free from nerve blood vessel which is generate stress.

So, it is time to make a change..let’s start to do some exercises..


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