Being honest, is that easy?

There is monthly global survey that involved respondents in 16 countries about how they'd react it they found a wallet $1000 inside. On this survey, there is just only 4 choices which they had to choose. First choice, return the wallet and the money. Second, Leave it where you found it. Third, keep the money and toss the wallet. Last, Keep the money and return the wallet.

The result is the no.1 response by a wide margin in every nation was "Return the wallet and the money", Australia (91%), US (90%), Canada & UK (89%), Philippines (86%), Netherlands & Germany (76%), Italy & Malaysia (75%), Mexico (73%), Brazil & Spain (69%), France (65%), China (58%), India (57%), Russia (49%). As a rule, the countries with more have higher capita incomes and low rates of public corruption.

The result also showed who's the most honest was respondents over age 45 in Australia, 97% of whom say they'd return both the money and the wallet, which these are the highest percentage in the survey. But how about who's more likely to keep the cash - men or women? Find the answer that in 13 nations, more men admit they'd take the money. In the US, India, and China, more women say they'd pocket the cash.

In second place, leaving the wallet where it was found. So lets just hope that everyone is being honest :) and how about you? You know how to answer this question.

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