Indonesia : Independence day

Hello Indonesian ..

On the next few days, we will celebrate our independence day at August 17. This is very important day in our beloved country, right? So what will you do for celebrate this special day? In my village, there is usually event which is held on evening before on August 17, such as thanksgiving night to remember Indonesia was fight for independent.

Sometimes, there is also game like "Panjat Pinang", yeah this is very unique and interesting in our country. There is many rewards has been prepared for the winner of this game. Perhaps in your village, there is another game which has been prepared. Because Indonesia has lots of art and cultures, so every place in Indonesia must be have their own way to celebrate the independence day.

Finally, let us prepare our self completely to celebrate our beloved Indonesia for its independence day on August 17th 2010. God bless indonesia !


subagya said...

happy independent day, hope the best for indonesian people , living well, and prophecy

eliana said...

@ Subagya : yeah sure!

Kedai Obat said...

"Sometimes, there is also game like "Panjat Pinang.."

Selain panjat pinang, ada juga pertandingan seru lainnya, seperti Balap Karung, Lomba Makan Kerupuk, Balap Kelereng, dsb.

Tapi saya yakin, Mbak Eli gak ikut lomba Panjat Pinang nya kan?? :)

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