Sydney Dalton makes fans of Justin Bieber angry

Sydney Dalton was not a celebrity or special talented girl who eventually fame via YouTube. Sydney was just a normal girl who met with Justin Bieber and apparently eventually fall in love.

Fall in love with Justin Bieber is a natural thing. That is not fair is when she's doing bad things to realize the relationship is not possible.

And it apparently happened in Sydney Dalton when she realized her love of Justin Bieber is unhealthy and must be stopped now. Thought it was really good, but the way that she uses to show it made many people angry, especially fans of Justin.

Sydney made a video with two of her friends who showed they tore the posters Justin. She also uploaded the video on YouTube. And finally Sydney also had to contend with an angry group of fans Justin.

Now, Sydney Dalton onslaught of hatred from fans of Justin. She lost a friend who made a video with her, even her membership in Justin Bieber fan site.

Until recently, Sydney continue to be targets of cyber bullying. In fact, her name became TT number one on Twitter.

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Cens World said...

Hope she stopped any negative moves and learn to move on with her life.

By the way, I am not officially your follower. Have a great week end.

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