For those who are really love reading books or novels, here I just want to give a short review of Weedflower by Cynthia Kadohata. There is a girl who called Sumiko, she is twelve years old and she lives in California with her family which is her grandfather, aunt, uncle, small brother, two cousins. She is Japanese American and she is sixth grade in her school, her parents died in a car crash, a year earlier. Sumiko and her family have flower farm where they work together on growing and selling weedflowers. She is also dreaming that one day she can own a flower shop.

When Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, her life was totally changed. Her uncle and grandfather are taken away to a prison camp in North Dakota. There are many public opinions shift against the Japanese Americans, and also feel that every Japanesse is a spy. Then Sumiko and her aunt, her small brother and two cousins are sent to a detainment camp in Arizona desert. That is a place where the soil is very dry and absolutely different from her home before.

At the camp, she begins to make friend with some neighbor, such as Sachi a girl whose insecurity leads her to lie, Mr.Moto who grows beans, and a young Indian boy who’s name is Frank. She wants to make friends with him, but unfortunately Frank initially hostile to the Japanesse presence on Indian Land, because they live on land that used to be part of tribe’s Indian reservation. But as time goes by, Sumiko and Mr.Moto win third place in a camp garden competition, and her friendship with Frank become so closed and deeper. Until one day when internees are offered the opportunity to leave the camp, Sumiko has decided that she doesn’t want to go.

So, if you don’t want to miss this story which is should not be forgotten about a beautiful tale of family, friendship and hope in a dark period of history by Cynthia Kadohata. I have already read it, how about you? Get it soon on your nearest bookstore. Enjoy reading!


mida said...

I always love good books, i guess this is one of them. I've added it to my must-have-booklist :)

Murad Maulana said...

wow history book wrapped boigrafy? but, this book just avalaible in amazon.com?

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