Apple, have it daily

Who does not know an Apple? Which the color is green fresco with a sweet taste, so who doesn’t want to have it as yummy snacks? On the other hand, apple contains many vitamins and minerals for your body health. It is no wonder if there is a phrase that says Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Reportedly, apart from good health of young children to seniors, which is also believed that apples good for pregnant women. Research in the Netherlands showed that pregnant women who consume apples during pregnancy can protect her babies of asthma and other similar symptoms. The researchers found that children whose mothers consumed more than four apples a week a lower risk of respiratory distress approximately 37 per cent and reduce the risk of asthma by 53 per cent, compared to pregnant women who do not eat one or not an Apple on each weekly even during the pregnancy. So why don’t you eat an Apple today?


subagya said...

my wife so love apple

all albout health said...

so you must also eat an apple daily..

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