proud to be myself

sometimes when we are offered some new job, perhaps we need some consideration to accept them. i was on my options to chose what is the best thing that i have to get on my life since i worked as a medical representative. First, i do not know why i have to accept the new challenge of my job on new area which is out of jakarta. Surely i need more advise from my partner, then they also supported me to accept it.

Now i have already in new area to start my new job here, i feel so comfortable and more relax to do my ussually job as a smart medical representative. Even i heard that some of my other friends who are really do not know about this job, they told me some issues that i hate to hear such as "you just need a signature from doctor and not doing anything good", ow..i really hate to hear it. i just believe that i can be a success women one day even i come from the other background, that is because i do not want to live just in a cubical.

Well, i also have some side job from this blooger, so i will keep myself always spreading on new challenge.

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subagya said...

yes eli i think you can do it, prove your self to be different from another girl :p

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