what is CML?

Hey people, want to know more about cancer ? This is very interesting to get know about one disease which a malignant disease. It is called CML or Chronic Myelogenous Leukimia. it is a slow growing bone marrow cancer which result in too many white blood cells inside someone's body. You have to know that the disease is sometimes called as chronic myeloid, chronic granulocytic or chronic myelocytic leukimia. This is very common in leukimia, yeah overall it is a relatively uncommen type of cancer. As you know that many type cancer you have heard such as breast cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, etc. The epidemiology showed in United States that more than 20,000 people have CML and about 4,600 new cases are diagnosed each year. In detailed data showed that most cases of CML appear in adults, while 2-4 % in children.

Perhaps you are getting a little of confused here what the exactly CML happened? CML is a disease which caused by a change in the genetic code of some of the cells in the bone marrow. In these cells, you will know that part of chromosome 9 switches place with a part of chromosome 22, its process which called as chromosome translocation. This resulting an abnormal chromosome called Philadelphia chromosome. Moreover rearranged of Philadelphia chromosome gives signal the marrow to overproduce white blood cells.

That is few part about CML that you have to know. More you will read how about its treatment therapy only on this same web.

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