Cholesterol can be as a trigger for menopause

Find this information for you to remind everything you eat should be healthy for your body. There is new evidence shows menopause is not only the natural aging process. It can be seen in women in midlife to see the sharp rise in cholesterol. Professor Karen Matthews an epidemiologist from the University of Pittsburgh said that that when women approach menopause, there is many shows a striking increase in cholesterol levels, which you have to know it can turn increase risk for later heart disease.

If we want to know more, some women studies show that cholesterol levels jumped around the time of menopause. LDL or bad cholesterol, rose by almost 10% in the two years surrounding the final menstrual period.

So you have to take care if you are still in midlife as a women, you have to make sure everything you eat are healthy and make sure that you are always on healthy weight, always do some exercise, and also free from smoking.

Take care of your body health..


Halaman Samping-nya Inung Gunarba said...

Hai Tooner, keep healthy diet and take routine moderate-work-out :)

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elok langita said...

keep healthy.. :D

Untuk Siefa said...

aq g bisa bhsa linggis nih

om rame said...

terima kasih sob atas sharenya, bermaanfaat untuk peduLi terhadap kesehatan.
ijin untuk menjadi foLLower di bLog ini, saLam kenaL.


we.... I makw me sad. heh... I follow this blog coz T.O.P B.G.T

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